Mission & Vision

Mission to tell you

Our mission is to further advance the sport of Muaythai through education while providing opportunities to develop high caliber athletes that can successfully compete at the elite level in every categories.

Creates a standardized environment where all teams could evaluate their levels and proficiency of Muay Thai; a sports competitive environment for all athletes/boxers for fu­ture development.

Build long lasting relations between nations from all over the world.

The event will introduce, expand and increase exposure of the Sport of Muay Thai to the general public and interested networks, starting within the host country of Thailand and to all the other World Countries.

Promotes activities for the youth world-wide to stay away from drugs and unhealthy environments by introducing them to sports.

Visionto tell you

Muaythai is Thai cultural heritage that we would like to expand our Thai traditional and cultural to worldwide. W.M.F support our member to have the same stardard in order to make everyone in our federation acknowledge Muaythai deeply. We aspire to provide world-class Muay Thai accessible to all.

Valuesto tell you

Collaboration : Teamwork and support can overcome any obstacle on the way to success

Development : Our greatest achievement is having a great W.M.F family

Agility : he ability to adapt and grow in order to achieve our mission

Safety : very decision made must bear the athlete’s well-being in mind.

Openness : Maintain transparency in all our activities.

Integrity : We do what we say we’ll do.

Fairness : To treat all members equally and foster.

Respect : We respect each other